Lavender Wedding Dress

eGoodn Diamond Painting Kit Full Drill DIY Cross Stitch by Number Kit Wall Decor Art, Canvas 15.8” by 19.7”, Lavender Wedding Dress, No Frame



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  • Dazzling Round Diamonds: Magic cube round diamond contains 26 sections, better than other 14 sections or 16 sections. The finished diamond painting will look vivid and brilliant, and it will not fade for a long time
  • HD Pre-printed Canvas: The canvas is clearly printed with tiny squares that are colored and labeled with numbers (letter or symbol), much like a cross stitch cloth. The entire part of pattern has a sticky surface, so that you can put the diamonds on it directly
  • Individual Packs of Diamonds: There are total 24 colors of diamonds in this kit, every color of diamond is independently packed in small bags marked with the corresponding diamond color number. More than enough diamonds are contained in the package
  • Contains Everything Needed to Start: The package will come with all the tools needed to diamond paint. It’s quite simple for both kids and adults. Once you start to do it, you can find the project both relaxing and rewarding
  • Package Includes: 1. Pre-printed canvas; 2. Diamond packs; 3. Diamond Gel; 4. Sticky pen; 5. Tray; 6.plastic storage bags; 7. eGoodn Customer Service Guide


eGoodn Diamond Painting Kit
Pattern Name: Lavender Wedding Dress
Canvas Size: 15.8 inch x 19.7 inch
Painting Size: 13.4 inch x 17.3 inch (full drill pasting area)

How to diamond paint? 
1. Unroll the canvas and spread it down onto a flat surface, then secure the edges with masking tape.
2. Peel back part of the plastic sheet covered on the canvas. Do not peel the entire plastic sheet away, or the adhesive on the canvas will get dirty and lose its tack; 1 to 2 inches will be plenty.
3. Take a look at the patch of canvas you just exposed. Choose a printed code to start with, and find the corresponding diamond bag. Pour out the diamonds into the tray.
4. Dip the pen into the gel to pick some up. This will make it possible for the pen to pick up the diamonds.
5. Use the pen to pick up a diamond. Gently press the tip of the pen against the top, faceted part of the diamond.
6. Gently press the diamond against the corresponding square. If you are just starting out, you’d better press lightly at first. So that you can nudge the diamond back into place if it is off-set, then press down on it to secure it.
7. Refill the pen with gel as needed. Continue filling the canvas in using the same technique as before until you finish the whole painting.
8. Cover the canvas with the plastic sheet that it came with. Go over the canvas with a rolling pin. This will press down any loose diamonds and secure them. You can also press it by heavy book instead.
9. You can frame the canvas and use it decorating your home!

Package list:
1. Pre-printed canvas
2. Diamond packs
3. Diamond Gel
4. Sticky pen
5. Tray
6. Plastic storage bags
7. eGoodn Customer Service Guide

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