Birds And Flowers

eGoodn Cross Stitch Stamped Kit Pre-printed Pattern Birds And Flowers, 11CT Aida Fabric Size 16.5” x 24" For Embroidery Needlework Art Crafts Lovers, No Frame


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  • Long-staple Egyptian Cotton Thread: “Long-staple Egyptian cotton” is recognized as one of the highest-quality cottons available. eGoodn uses this high quality thread for cross-stitching enthusiasts. Compared to ecologic cotton thread, our thread touches more silky and soft, the colors are more vivid and durable without fading
  • HD Pre-printed Pattern: The fabric is clearly printed with tiny squares that are colored and labeled with symbols. Each symbol corresponds to a cross stitch thread color. The symbols are written on a chart, with the corresponding thread color written below it. The chart is typically printed on the side of the fabric
  • High Quality Cotton Cloth: eGoodn uses the best 21-weave 100% combed cotton thickened fabric which will last long. Positive grids prevent your eyes from being tired, and it touches comfortable. Perfect handmade craft suits for both kids and adults
  • Eco-friendly Water Soluble Ink: eGoodn cross stitch stamped cloth uses safe ink for printing, which can be washed off easily. Just hand wash the finished fabric in lukewarm water with neutral detergent. Since the ink is water soluble, please do not get the cloth wet before you finish it
  • Fabric Details: 11CT- 11 grids per inch; Fabric size- 16.5 inch by 24 inch; Printed pattern area- 12.7 inch by 20 inch; Plaid Number- 140×220 grids




Stamped Cross Stitch Kit – Birds Twitter and Fragrance of Flowers
This is a 11CT Stamped Cross stitch. Each thread in this kit has 6 strands, please use 2 strands of threads for "Full Stitch" to finish the whole kit.
This is an easy kit for both adults and children to finish, the included English instructions tell some basics about stamped cross stitch, but it's not a tutorial. For a complete beginner, you can find everything you need to get started on YouTube.

Here are some tips about this kit:
1. The printed ink on fabric can be washed off easily. Just hand wash the finished fabric in lukewarm water with neutral detergent.
2. The threads are pre-sorted on the card, which is marked with Arabic numbers. Every number represents one particular thread.
3. On the printed fabric, you will see printed charts which show "Full Stitch" and "Back Stitch". Please use 2 strands of threads for "Full Stitch", and use 1 strand of thread for "Back Stitch".
4. The chart on the fabric has 3 rows : NO. / Symbol / DMC.
The first row " NO." represents the number of thread pre-sorted on the card, the second row "Symbol" represents the printed squares on the fabric, the third row " DMC" represents the thread colors (for supplement purpose).




Pre-sorted Threads;
Pre-printed Fabric;
Two Needles;
HD Graph;
English Instructions;
Customer Service Guide

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