How To Read Your eGoodn Stamped Cross Stitch Fabrics for Beginners?


Some pre-printed cross stitch beginners are always puzzled by that the colors printed onto the fabric are so bright and different from what color you’re supposed to use. And then they left a critical review. (eGoodn feels so hurt about that.) Today we will explain to you why the color printed different and bright and how to read the fabric so that you could start your lovely pattern easily.


Why the color on fabric is printed bright and different?

As you know, one of the advantages of pre-printed patterns is that it could tell you how to cross stitch the pattern fast with bright color. And the more bright the color is, the clearer you can distinguish them out. Here is the eGoodn stamped cross stitch pattern-knitting chickens fabric.

And why is it printed different colors from it really supposed to be? Obviously, many beginners think it will be more direct and simple to cross stitch it by the color it is. But they may ignore 2 situations below:

  1. What if the color you need to cross stitch is same with the fabric’s color?

Just look at the picture,  there is no discernible edge around the white color section that you need to cross stitch. Can you still find the white section precisely that you need to cross stitch?  Maybe you could, but it’s very difficult and easy to get lost in the white noise of the page.

  1. What if the colors are very close?

When two colors are very close,  it’s very hard for you to tell when cross stitching. And your eyes will feel tired soon.

Overall, the bright and much different colors could make you use the stamped cross stitch more easily. Next we will introduce you how to read the fabric.


How to read the fabric?

  1. Look at the fabric and choose a color section that you are planning to cross stitch . Just take the No.15 which is symboled with orange color for example.


  1. Look at the chart to find the corresponding No.. NO.15 is easily found and the orange color symbol is corresponding with it. And 954 is the DMC code. Please note that it’s provided so even if you did run low the color and you could pick it up and won’t affect you to choose the thread by NO..


  1. Use the right thread it needs to start your cross stitch.  The No. on the color cardboard is corresponding with the No. on fabric.

If the cross stitch section is too small, the code number could not be noted on the color section. You could look thumbnail in the chart first and then to find the corresponding color section.

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